There are three periods in a year when counterfeiters become more active

Said Vladimir Omelchenko, head of the forensic center of the Kuban police headquarters. – This is the Eighth of March holiday, the summer holiday season and the New Year are periods of high demand for goods, when fraudsters are trying to sell fake bills under the guise. Usually they try to carry out such operations on the highway leading to resorts, or in remote stores that are not equipped with video cameras and banknote checking devices. As a rule, in the evening, when there is poor lighting outside.

But law enforcement officers are also not asleep: the detection rate of crimes related to the production and distribution of counterfeit money in 2022 in the Kuban is twice as high as a year ago.

Recognize a fake

According to the employees of the regional police department, it is necessary to carefully consider the bills. It is extremely difficult to create banknotes that are completely identical to the real ones. That’s the main thing that a person should pay attention to:

1.The roughness of the paper itself will be different. As a rule, fakes are much smoother.

  1. Metallized lines are sewn into the sub-sections incorrectly or replaced with textile threads, and sometimes there are none at all.
  2. Bills can be stratified or easily torn at the place of bends.
  3. There are no watermarks.
  4. As a rule, several of the listed features of counterfeit bills are present at once.