“Arrests are also waiting for us”: the first defendants appeared in the case of the largest drug-selling platform in the darknet

US law enforcement agencies, following their colleagues from Germany, declared war on the world’s largest darknet platform for the sale of drugs. This week, German security forces reported on a successful special operation, as a result of which the platform’s servers located in the country were disconnected, after which it suspended work. At the same time, a court in California charged in absentia a Russian Dmitry Pavlov, who is considered one of the accomplices of the organization of the marketplace across the ocean. The 30-year-old Russian himself was unavailable for comment.

The Russian-language darknet platform

Which is considered the world’s largest Internet platform for drug trafficking, has become the object of close attention of foreign law enforcement officers. This week, the German police reported on a successful special operation, as a result of which servers located in Germany were disconnected, as a result of which the resource suspended work. In turn, the US Department of Justice also announced the closure of the site and published an official accusation that the Federal District Court of the Northern District of California brought against 30-year-old Russian citizen Dmitry Olegovich Pavlov.