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How It Works

Instagram, despite jostling for room with the many other social platforms that currently flood the Internet, is definitely one of the largest out there, being a simple way to share snapshots of your life with everyone, be it just a short video to your friends, or an incredible view off the top of a mountain. No matter where or who you are, with Instagram you can share those moments of your life. Assuming that you’re interesting enough, people will start to take notice, and those little slices of life that you bring up are suddenly shared with anyone, for their wit or insight into many matters. And so, Instagram is a model of fairness, where those who deserve it can really show off their talent to everyone, where they can be appreciated for the hard work they put into their latest creation.

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Or, at least, that’s how it’s meant to work. But despite that, it seems like you just can’t break up into where everyone can see and appreciate your effort and work in the many parts of your life. Those people who are already up at the top just sit there, posting the very bare minimum and still getting thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of likes and followers who praise them for managing to press the submit button. And then there you are, with your sweat and tears poured over something truly interesting, just left behind at the bottom of the barrel. Instagram becomes a stagnant pool, where the surface is just the same it’s always been, and the real good stuff, the mud filled with true life and power, is caught at the bottom in the weeds.

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But there is a way out of the bottom. There is a way for people to recognize your work, and for people to finally jump on it. While plenty of people just go for things that seem popular, enough know when they see good work, though they’re usually just out of your reach. And that’s what Mile222 wants to solve for you. As opposed to struggling to scrape together enough followers or likes to be noticed by the world, we give you the leg-up that you need so you can truly shine. Once people take notice, then you’ll stay up there.

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So if you’re struggling to really show off your intelligence and your artistic abilities, then maybe we can help you. For a price that has no match anywhere, we can get you the followers or likes you need to push you up into the view of the world, where people will take notice of the ‘new guy’ who’s talent can’t be beaten even by those who’ve always sat at the top of the lists. Once you get that small leg-up, you can carry yourself. So don’t let yourself get stuck in the mud. Instead, free yourself, and fly up, above everyone. All you need to do to show the world is get that little jump start. And that’s what Mile222 can do for you.